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This site is dedicated to providing accurate information about psychiatric medications including their addictive nature and how to get help.

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NEW! November 24/21 — NHS to give therapy for depression before medication under new guidelines.

November 17/21 — Did you know that psychiatric drugs can cause eye and vision problems? See The Mind's Eye: Ocular Complications of Psychotropic Medications.

Although the literature indicates that newer antipsychotics have safer toxicology profiles compared with typical antipsychotics, newer medications may still cause metabolic syndrome. Specifically, impaired glucose metabolism, exacerbation of existing Type 1 and 2 diabetes, induction of Type 2 diabetes and diabetic ketoacidosis have all been linked to treatment with antipsychotic medications.

October 22/21 — We have a new logo — developed by Annie Webb at Art Science Design for PMAG.

PMAG logo.

October 19/21 — Three books were added to our resources section:

  • The Woman Who Cracked the Anxiety Code: the extraordinary life of Dr Claire Weekes by Judith Hoare
  • Self-Help for Your Nerves: Learn to relax and enjoy life again by overcoming stress and fear by Dr. Claire Weekes.
  • Hope and Help for Your Nerves: End Anxiety Now by Dr. Claire Weekes.

October 19/21 — 9 ways to know if health info is actually junk science.

August 9/21 — Rates of psychiatric drug and sleeping pill use rise during COVID for seniors in care.

[T]he emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic was associated with significant increases in the use of antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and opioids and no meaningful changes in the use of antibiotics or selected cardiovascular medications.

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