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  1. Communicating Risks Associated with Psychiatric Drugs to the Public
  2. What People Need to Know About Psychiatric Drugs (Revised 2009)

Communicating Risks Associated with Psychiatric Drugs to the Public

by E Daisy Anderson

This publication was presented to Health Canada Expert Advisory Committee on the Vigilance of Health Products on December 9, 2008 for Psychiatric Medication Awareness Group.

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From the Introduction

Our information and recommendations are based on research and what we have learned from those impacted by psychiatric drugs. Many of the issues surrounding psychotropics may also apply to other medications.

It is [e]stimated that adverse medication reactions kill 1800 Canadians a year. Canadians would not tolerate 12 airplanes crashing out of the sky, each time killing 150 people. So, why put up with so many deaths from adverse reactions? That is why this consultation is so important.

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You can download the presentation in PDF format (PDF–24KB).

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What People Need to Know About Psychiatric Drugs

by E. Daisy Anderson, M.S., and Janet Currie, M.S.W.,
2005 (revised 2009)

Table of Contents

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  1. What this Booklet is About
  2. Why People Might be Prescribed a Psychiatric Drug
  3. How Do People Know What They’re Taking?
  4. Drug Classes
  5. Being Informed
  6. The Power of Hope
  7. How People Can Help Themselves
  8. Other Prescription Drugs that Can Cause Mental and Emotional Problems
  9. More Information

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