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Professor C Heather Ashton, July 11, 1929–September 15, 2019

It is with deep sadness that I report that Professor Ashton passed away on 15th September 2019. I am indebted to her for all the kindness and support she showed to me personally and I had the profoundest respect and admiration for her work and her steadfast dedication to those suffering from involuntary tranquilliser addiction. She will be greatly missed by all of us whose lives she touched.
The funeral notification reads: "Professor Heather Ashton died peacefully in her sleep at home in South Gosforth shortly before midnight on Sunday 15th September. She lived a long, full, and active life: as a loving wife, mother and homemaker to her much missed husband John and their children John, Caroline, Jim and Andrew (plus family dog Rex, also much missed); as a selfless doctor, teacher, and scientist who never turned away anyone who sought her help; and as a loyal and life-enhancing friend to all to who came close. A light has gone out, but her memory will endure." —

April 23/19 — Antidepressants: is there a better way to quit them?

April 3/19 — Reducing inappropriate or unnecessary medications could save as much as $62 billion over the next decade in unnecessary hospitalizations for older adults alone.

April 3/19 — The Challenge of Going Off Psychiatric Drugs.

March 21/19 — Psychiatry's incurable hubris. The biology of mental illness is still a mystery, but practitioners don't want to admit it.

March 7/19 — How to quit antidepressants: Very slowly, doctors say. These findings are reported in Tapering of SSRI treatment to mitigate withdrawal symptoms, an article published in The Lancet.

[P]sychiatrists spend a lot more time prescribing things than stopping them.

January 8/19 — Anxiety pills that promise so much leave behind a hidden 'epidemic.'. Addiction experts say misuse of benzodiazepines leaves older people hooked, teens high.

October 2/18 — Antidepressant withdrawal symptoms severe, says new report. Existing guidance that symptoms are minimal leads to misdiagnosis and ‘harmful long-term prescribing.’

September 25/18 — added to our Self-Help Resources. is a blog by Donald W. Light exposing pharmaceutical myths.

September 20/18 — B.C. advocate questions why undiagnosed seniors getting antipsychotics.

September 9/18 — FDA repays industry by rushing risky drugs to market.

As pharma companies underwrite three-fourths of the FDA's budget for scientific reviews, the agency is increasingly fast-tracking expensive drugs with significant side effects and unproven health benefits.

July 19/18 — Big Pharma is quietly using nonprofits to push opioids.

July 14/18 — Judge rules Health Canada cannot withhold clinical trial data.

July 10/18 — Doctors' Notes: Antidepressants could be affecting your COPD.

July 3/18 — New from CADEN on the risks of polypharmacy (PDF–2.05 MB).

Are you worried about the medications older family members are taking? Common adverse effects can include problems with memory, over-sedation, confusion, dizziness, balance problems, increased falling or behaviour that is unusual.

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Antidepressants in Children and Adolescents

Our Children at Risk

There is increasing use of higher potency drugs prescribed to our children than ever before. These drugs have serious side effects which can be misinterpreted by the family or doctor.

This site has two related articles:


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Antidepressants and Violence

Navy-yard Shooter Aaron Alexis's past fell just short of raising alarm.

  • Aaron Alexis was on the antidepressant Trazodone at the time of the shootings.
  • The timelines and his calm, organized behaviour are well aligned with someone experiencing an antidepressant-induced psychotic episode:
    • Aug 23 — prescribed Trazodone for insomnia.
    • Aug 28 — still not sleeping, dosage increased.
    • Sept 14 — practiced shooting with shotgun and purchased shotgun.
    • Sept 16 — shooting.
  • The FDA has several reports on the connection between Trazodone and homicide.

See the violence category at

SSRI Stories has 5000+ news articles documenting antidepressant-induced violence and bizarre behavior.


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Updated October 8, 2019

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Bonnie's Story

Photo of Bonnie

Bonnie was a brilliant, creative, curious, kind person who took her life due to Benzodiazepine withdrawal. She had worked very hard to taper off of benzodiazepines for over 21 months then took her life 4 weeks after completing her taper.

Bonnie's Story (PDF–84 KB) is a tribute to Bonnie's struggle to recover from benzodiazepines.

Benzo Help Blog

Benzodiazepine and Sleeping Pill Addiction, Tapering & Recovery

Dr. Ashton's DVD

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Marcia Angell Series

The New York Review of Books:

  1. The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?
  2. The Illusions of Psychiatry

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