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This site is dedicated to providing accurate information about psychiatric medications including their addictive nature and how to get help.

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For almost twenty years this site has provided information on the potential harms of many psychiatric drugs including Benzodiazepines, sleeping pills, anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.

Use of Prescription Psychiatric Drugs Soaring

Early research is indicating that during this time of coronavirus the use of prescription psychiatric drugs is soaring. Many of us are turning to benzodiazepines, sleeping pills and antidepressants to try to deal with the losses, sadness and changes we are all experiencing.

This is a fearful, stressful and exhausting time! Although it will end, we don't know when.

Understand the Risks

Using psychiatric drugs or sleeping pills to try to get through this is understandable but there are real risks in doing so. Some of these risks include experiencing a range of side effects including depression, changes in thinking and sexual problems, difficulties getting off the drug if you use it for more than a few weeks and, eventually, an increase in many of the symptoms you originally took the drug for.

Be Cautions & Full Informed

You can find information about this on this site.

So please be cautious and become fully informed before you decide to use these drugs. Remember this period of our lives will end!

Reach Out, Stay in Touch

Reach out to friends and family and stay in touch with people who care about you. Reach out to others in the same way!

Remember, many of us are going through exactly what you are.

Exercise Helps

Try to get some exercise every day — it really helps with sleep and anxiety.

Good luck. Be safe and well.

Recent News

Medicating Normal: When profit-driven medicine meets human beings in distress.

Medicating Normal dares to challenge prevailing myths about how psychotropic medications work, or fail to, in our ongoing struggle to treat mental illness. It promises to spark a long-overdue national conversation on the growing problem of overprescribing. — Anna Lembke M.D., psychiatrist, faculty Stanford University Medical School.

Please join us for a virtual community screening of Medicating Normal with an interactive discussion afterward.

Thursday, October 29, 2020
7:00 PM–9:30 PM PDT
Tickets and details here.

NEW! October 16/20 — Fear and belief in “chemical imbalance” prevent people from coming off antidepressants.

According to the researchers, about five out of every six users of antidepressants do not benefit. Thus, the majority of people taking antidepressants are exposed to the potential harms of the drug unnecessarily. [S]tudies have demonstrated that long-term use may be unhelpful or even cause more harm than good.

September 7/20 — The risks of the prescribing cascade.

August 17/20 — Sex differences in pharmacokinetics predict adverse drug reactions in women.

The common practice of prescribing equal drug doses to women and men neglects sex differences in pharmacokinetics and dimorphisms in body weight, risks overmedication of women, and contributes to female-biased adverse drug reactions.

June 29/20 — Post-SSRI/SNRI Sexual Dysfunction has been added as well as a new external web resource, PSSD Canada.

June 23/20 — A study providing cognitive-behavioral treatment to people experiencing first-episode psychosis found antipsychotics did not improve outcomes.

June 20/20 — How I finally learned to sleep has been added to Benzodiazepines & sleeping pills.

May 3/20 — Do antipsychotics protect against early death? A review of the evidence.

April 28/20 — Pandemic science out of control.

A toxic legacy of poor-quality research, media hype, lax regulatory oversight, and vicious partisanship has come home to roost in the search for effective treatments for COVID-19.

January 22/20 — Benzodiazepines might be a 'hidden element' of the US' overdose epidemic — and doctor visits for prescriptions are increasing.

January 16/20 — I spent half my life on antidepressants. Today, I'm off the medication and feel all right.

January 6/20 — Dr. Heather Ashton, 90, dies; helped people quit anxiety drugs.

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Updated October 16, 2020