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About Us

Who We Are

Psychiatric Medication Awareness Group (PMAG) is a small group of British Columbia citizens concerned about the increasing use of psychiatric drugs in B.C. and Canada, and the potential harm associated with these drugs. PMAG is also concerned about the dramatic increase in the prescribing of psychiatric drugs to the general population in Canada, particularly to women. This massive health crisis has been largely ignored, and its social and human costs are inadequately researched and largely unquantified.

PMAG believes that every citizen should be well-informed about every psychiatric medication they are advised to take, so that they can make responsible decisions about their own health. Informed and empowered citizens are able to take charge of their own lives.

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Our Purpose

PMAG provides information to psychiatric medication users and their families about the potential risks of psychiatric drugs (including dependence, addiction and the potential for long-term — and in some cases permanent — side-effects), about withdrawing safely from psychiatric medications (including benzodiazepines, sleeping pills and SSRIs) and about recovery. We also educate health professionals and the public about the risks of psychiatric medications.

PMAG Does Not Provide Individual Advice

Use of this site and the respective resources are subject to acceptance of our conditions of use and our disclaimer.

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Advocating for a Comprehensive Strategy

PMAG advocates for a comprehensive strategy to address the problems associated with benzodiazepine and other psychiatric drug prescribing and use. This strategy consists of education, research and treatment elements.

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Our Publications

PMAG has produced two publications that are available from this site:

  1. Communicating Risks Associated with Psychiatric Drugs To the Public by E Daisy Anderson
  2. What People Need to Know About Psychiatric Drugs by E. Daisy Anderson, M.S., and Janet Currie, M.S.W. (Revised 2009)

See our Publications page for details.

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How We’re Funded

Unlike many other groups who speak about psychiatric or other prescription drugs, PMAG accepts no funding of any type from the drug industry. We believe that those representing the interests of the consumer should not accept drug company funding.

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Updated May 29, 2018

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Read our disclaimer:

  • PMAG does not provide individual advice or respond to individual requests for assistance.
  • We encourage you to seek qualified medical support.

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