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Hints on Using this Site

Works in Any Device

The site is designed to respond to device screen size and to present the best possible viewing experience for the visitor no matter how they view the site.

Some liberty has been taken with em-dashes (—) by placing space on either side to enable the responsive design to work without significantly breaking the flow of the text.

JavaScript Used

Javascript is used to enhance your experience of this site. If JavaScript is disabled, these features may not work.

External Links Open New Tabs

External links (those pointing outside this site) open a separate tab and display a dotted line underneath (e.g., DuckDuckGo).

Different Browsers — Different Experiences

Unlike printed documents, various browsers can display pages differently, even within the same operating system.

You should be able to view the content on this site with any browser although your experience may not be optimal with older browsers or if you have disabled JavaScript.

Use a Recent Web Browser

Running obsolete (unsupported or unpatched) software makes you vulnerable and puts everyone at risk by allowing the spread of malware, viruses and security holes that can be exploited.

Be sure to keep all your software updated to the most recent version including your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, etc.). Cease using any program or devices that are no longer supported by the vendor.

Download a current browser that displays this site as it was intended.

Text May Be Enlarged/Reduced

Text sizes may be increased/decreased in modern browsers. This function varies by browser and version, but try holding down the Ctrl button and pressing:

  • + (plus) to increase the text size;
  • - (minus) to decrease the text size; and
  • 0 (zero) to reset the page to 100%.

The Zoom function is usually located in the menu bar which is hidden by most modern browsers, replaced with a “hamburger” menu (), vertical ellipsis (⋮) or horizontal ellipsis (…) on the browser toolbar.

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PDF Documents

This site may contain PDF documents. A number displayed in brackets indicates the size. For example, (PDF–250 KB) indicates a 250 KB document.

Modern Browsers Display PDFs

In most cases, these documents will display natively inside modern browsers like Firefox, Edge, Safari and Chrome.

PDF Reader Recommended

If PDF features you require don't work in your browser, download a dedicated PDF reader that has the ability to manage these extras.


Need Further Help?

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Please for assistance only if you have concerns directly related to the site design or function.

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Our Disclaimer

PMAG does not provide individual advice or respond to individual requests for assistance. We encourage you to seek qualified medical support. More…


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Updated: January 10, 2024